Robot Fish-Tape KL-100
Fish-Tape K-L 100 is a deviced designed to allow the installation of electric wires, cables and optic fibers into conduits during the construction or renovation of buildings. Usually the installation of cable into conduits is carried out by two electricians, it's expensive in terms of human resources and significant phsysical efforts are involved.

The past

After several years of failed tests and impractical inventions that have practically led to nothing in the field of fish-tape robots, many people, specially investors, were discouraged and the field was put away. Fortunately since 2009, a company based in Fribourg Sévaz, has developed a totally new concept about fish-tape robots:

The present

The Quick-Lines automatic Fish-Tape K-L 100 is going to revolutionize the traditional wiring operation of apartments and offices construction. Stand-alone, without remote control, with a pulling force of 24 kg and weighing only 3.2 kg, it allows the wiring operation to be carried out by one only electrician. Thanks to its integrated electronic, the K-L 100 will understand the electrician without any word. «Pull» and «Get it» are the only commands you need to use. This allows the complete operation to be carried out by only one electrician.


Technical Features

Dimensions: Diameter 300 X 70 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg net : battery pack 0.4 kg

Power unit: Servomotor piloted by electronic card

Power supply: Rechargeable battery 22.2 V / 2'700 mA/h

Fish-Tape lenght: 15 meters net

Pushing force: 75 N max (7.5 kg.f)

Pushing speed: 13 m/min (approx.)

Pulling force: 250 N max (25 kg.f)

Pulling speed: 11 m/min (approx.)

Conduit diameter: 16 – 20 – 25 mm

Battery operation time: 4 hours

Recharge time: Approximately 1.5 hrs

Communication: By the fish-tape (without remote controller)


Download Brochure (in French) here

Images Fish-Tape KL-100