Robotic-Consulting is a Swiss innovative company founded in 2007, specialized in technology development in various branches of industry. In the field of electrical installation, Robotic Consulting has developed in collaboration with his sister company Quick-Lines SA his flagship product, the K-L 100 fish-tape robot, which allows a single electrician, instead of two electricians such as the ancient way, to perform installations of electric wires, cables and optic fiber technology into conduits. The Robot pull wires K-L 100 has many inventions and multiple patents inside it which are the present in pending mode.

Robotic-Consulting works and collaborates with reknowned client and partners such as: Nestl, Kern AG, Sict SA, Glass2Energy, Stellram, ABSA Sa, Bwe AG, Meter SA, Impigest SrL, Silvi Automazioni SrL